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Download nomination forms here to get friends and neighbors around the state to sign for Steven Ray for governor.  Remember to tell them it is not necessarily an indication of support or commitment, just allows me on the ballot.  They must be an eligible elector, age 18 by the time the June 5 primary comes and reside in the county in which they sign.

Please ensure you fill out the county name in the final paragraph at the top in the county you are requesting signature.  Each county form you may use needs it's own form(s).  Different people from different counties cannot sign the same form, as an example.  The top portion, you can fill out with my name, office sought "Governor" my county of residence is "Boone" and the election is 06/05/2018.  Check box for Republican and then the county name of those you're seeking signature in the final paragraph line.  All their information below needs to be filled out.

If you collect enough signatures that you feel you can, let us know and we will find a way to get them to the campaign.


Thank you for your help!



Committee to Elect Steven Ray Governor
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