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I continue to hear great feedback from people around the state as I promote my candidacy. I appreciate hearing from many Republicans who want to see a change in leadership and I enjoy listening to independents, and even some Democrats, who like to hear from a candidate who follows their gut-instinct and wants to apply a common-sense approach to governing.

There are many, many Iowa voters who identify with a party but just want elected officials to do what is right and work for the people. That is the whole basis for my run for governor is to work for the people and not necessarily apply party principles to how I govern. I know how to be a leader and work with others to build consensus. I have nearly three decades of public experience working with all types of people and my record of success in finding compromise on a myriad of issues speaks for itself. I will apply that record as governor.

If you believe in prioritizing the state budget to reduce waste while supporting and maintaining essential services for our taxpayers while not raising taxes; ensuring Iowa is a law and order state and Iowa law enforcement, from our municipal police, county sheriffs and deputies to state Troopers and criminal investigative agents who will know their governor stands side-by-side with them each day they work for Iowans with their governor's full support in providing them the resources they need; that other public safety personnel from our emergency dispatchers to fire personnel and EMS services can count on a governor to support their needs to serve Iowans; that veterans and current military members in Iowa should have a governor who works hard for them; that teachers will know their governor supports educating our children to be the best in the nation and they have what they need to achieve that goal in the classroom; that a governor should support adequately-staffed human services personnel that are charged with ensuring the protection of children in need are living in a loving and supporting environment each night they go to bed; that a governor should work with the legislature to have an effective mental health network statewide to provide support for those in need rather than families, or law enforcement, having nowhere to turn for help; that a governor works to create an atmosphere in our state where we are tolerant of each other, supportive of each other and respectful of one another to live our law-abiding lives free and unfettered by government intrusion; and if you believe a leader, especially a governor, should understand they represent the interests of ALL Iowans, not just those who voted for them, then I can assure you this will be what you have in a Governor Ray.

It will take everyone who would like to see me win this race to share my views with friends and family, do what you can to change hearts and minds, tell your independent-thinking and even Democratic friends and family to visit my website to read more about me. If they like my views, consider supporting me.

We can prove that my candidacy can raise money and that a leader does not need to win only because big corporate money buys them. I want to be for real Iowans, hard-working Iowans from all backgrounds who want a down-to-earth, common-sense, what-you-see-is-what-you-get candidate to become their governor. I only want to be known as the "people's governor."

I believe I am the only candidate that can accomplish these great things and work with anyone, on both sides of the aisle, to meet the needs of Iowans and put the people first. I am confident that if I win this GOP primary in June I will be the one to go on to win the general election in November 2018. We will put Iowa on the map doing wonderful things, bringing people together, and showing our nation that Iowa can set the example for what living in the greatest nation on earth should all be about.

With your help and support a Governor Ray can become a reality. You can visit our website anytime and lend your support in whatever way you can.

Together we can make anything possible! This does not have to be just an election, but a movement for ALL Iowans to have even a better state to call home. With your help and support I know I can be an effective chief executive of Iowa who can deliver.


Committee to Elect Steven Ray Governor
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